Small Wonders II

Small Wonders II

Collecting Art

Collecting Art is itself an art form. Living with art is not just about style but also a reflection of how you see yourself, how you feel about the world and its rich cultural history.

Collecting Art is sometimes intimidating, especially when one thinks of the projected expenditure. But the truth is that it needs not be so. Good art is not necessarily expensive art. And even more important, expensive art is not necessarily good art.

Contrary to some claims, size doesn’t matter. Large pieces do not mean you have a more meaningful investment. For the budget-conscious collector, especially someone who is new to collecting, small works are a great place to start. Oftentimes it is better to have ten small pieces for $300.00, than one large piece for the same price.

Smaller works tend to reflect more your tastes as against buying art solely for investment (a bad idea). It’s about making the art more personal to you. And starting your collection with small affordable works is less intimidating than buying large pieces with expensive tags.

Small sizes give you much more variety both in content and in curating. You can string them out, or tighten them in horizontal, diagonal, or vertical placements. You can bunch them tightly in squares or rectangles. You can vary the shapes, the frame colours. You can add larger as well as smaller sizes around them. You can mix them around to change the flow and feeling of the room every few months. The result will be something new to you, and your friends. With small works your creativity is limitless!

The singer Elton John, has one of the world’s best photographic collection… and most of them are small (and he started small). He literally covers the walls in them. Absolutely breathtaking.

Other advantages of small works are the ability to add new ones quickly because you are spending less. They are more portable and present much less difficulty to hang and/or store. And they make unique and affordable gifts… weddings, birthdays, new life, new home.

Small Wonders

Galleries 2 and 3 represent works created specifically for those who want to delve into the exciting world of art collecting, someone who has recently started, or just finding that special, thoughtful gift. The pieces are small, simple, affordable and elegant. They are not slapdash works put together to attract sales, but because they still reflect my signature style, they are a part of my primary body of work. This makes them just as important as any of my more noted collectables… just smaller and less expensive. And in frames custom embellished by fine artist Niki Lopez.

Most pieces have general frame dimensions of between 10”x 7.5”, or “8x6”, with print sizes of 3.5”x 5.5” or larger. Prices are under $50.00 each (shipping costs not included). Each piece is available in larger commissioned sizes and even in my limited edition sizes (larger than 20” small side).

The images in these galleries are refreshed frequently so you can always return and see new ones. I do understand how many people feel disconnected from today’s art, but as an artist, I love personal interaction with those who view my works (whether you like them or not) and I am always willing to share with you. So feel free to make contact.

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